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Health & Fitness Assessments

Our health and fitness assessments are individually tailored and include a range of comprehensive health related fitness tests i.e. skin fold body analysis, with vital statistics recorded for regular comparisons.  This information is continually studied to ensure your training program is obtaining its maximum results. 

The components of our assessments include:

> Resting Heart Rate > Cardiovascular Endurance
> Resting Blood Pressure  > Flexibility
> Body Composition > Muscular Strength
> Posture Profiling  > Muscular Endurance

Skin Fold Body Analysis

Our unique skin fold analysis measurement tool can determine a client’s body mass index, measured by height, current weight, blood pressure (optional), girth and skin fold measurements. BCL uses a skin fold calliper measuring system, which calculates and records an individual’s body fat percentage. 

From these results, it is very easy for us to assess an individual’s dietary requirements and daily lifestyle changes required towards achieving their desired goals, whether it is for rehabilitation, general health and fitness, muscle tone, fat loss or sports specific performance.

A skin fold analysis is a great way to monitor a client’s progress, whether the client prefers to see their results once a month or anytime convenient to see if they are on track.  This assessment can take approximately 30 minutes, which a client can receive their results straight away and records can be kept on their own on-line personal client profile within 24 hours.  A suitable program can then be designed to their specific needs, goals and objectives.

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