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Matt Rowe

Matt is an Outdoor Recreational Instructor and has spent the past few years specialising in abseiling, rock climbing and white water rafting. 

He motivates and teaches different methods and techniques such as roping, knots, technical ability and rafting awareness and safety skills – offering all participants a challenging, rewarding and safe experience in recreational programs. All programs are based on fun, enjoyment, learning technical skills and increasing self confidence. 

Matt has the ability to be adaptable, patient, understanding needs of the clients and responsible in all aspects of awareness, occupational health and safety, and first aid skills.

Matt Rowe

name Matt Rowe
qualifications Cert. IV, Outdoor Recreational Instructor
eye color Blue
hair color Brown
height 178 cm
fashion style Urban style or basic bonds
typical diet I eat approximately 8 meals a day – basically a lot of food approx. 1800 to 2200 calories
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