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Train the Trainer

“Train the Trainer”, engages emerging fitness professionals to learn practical skills and gain real 'hands on’ experience who wish to pursue a long term career in the fitness industry.  It is a program offered to instructors, fitness trainers and fitness specialists with or without prior experience who are seeking that “foot in the door” opportunity to gain the necessary skills to really know how to train clients properly according to individual specific needs.

Whether you are currently undertaking a course that requires you to build up your hours of experience or seeking to gain employment with BCL, you can enjoy the benefits of working with our team.

We encourage and support our trainer's performance through active participation in a series of health and fitness competency assessments towards their professional development.  We utilise these responses to gauge their level of understanding and to assist their success as a fitness professional.

As part of the program, we focus our energies on providing the right guidance to teach our trainers to be aware of correct exercise prescription to ensure the quality of our services are in  the best interests of our clients.  Our program demonstrates our active participation towards supporting the professional standards within the fitness industry. 

Are you seeking to pursue a long term career in the fitness industry and an opportunity to gain the invaluable experience to be a real professional fitness trainer?

How do I apply?

  1. Complete the on-line application form together with your contact details, resume and cover letter.

  2. Allow 2-3 workings days for your application to be processed before a response will be forwarded to you.

  3. If you are nominated as a potential applicant for the position you will be asked to attend a face-to-face interview.

  4. Once successful you will become a team member and integral part of Body Corporate Lifestyle. 

  5. Let the experience begin....

What are we looking for?

Fitness trainers who are proactive, passionate and committed to being the best that they can be and are capable of being both independent and part of a team. 

We value people who are reliable, genuine, friendly and committed to helping people achieve their health & fitness objectives.

These values are the key attributes we believe are integral to be part of our winning team. The success of our business is driven by our high expectations and standards of fitness professionalism.

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