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Anthony & Terry Barakat

Property Magnate & Family Man

Age is no limit to exericse. If you want to be successful in life take a glimpse into a highly successful entreprenuear's life and his family.

The Barakat family understands the importance of regular physical activity and good eating habits. Anthony seeks to provide all his family members with the right education about the benefits of leading an active lifestyle. He believes encouraging all his family members to gain success in all areas of life towards reaching their full potential.

Terry Barakat is living proof that you can maintain your figure after four children. "My family lifestyle is extremely busy juggling four children and Anthony's work commitments. To keep my energy levels high and my sanity in check I set aside one hour, four times a week, of personal training sessions with Frank. Frank has been an inspiration to the whole family including Anthony's parents who actively partake in low resistance exercises. He focuses predominately on their mobility and fitness due to their age. Frank also has been there for me every step of the way during and after my pregencies. He understands what is required for our individual needs."

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