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Daniel Lightfoot

Fashion Industry Entrepeneur

The Daniel Lightfoot label is one of the most successful and recognised fashion houses in Queensland. Daniel Lightfoot, the man behind the name, is the talent and driving force of this highly renowned and prestigious company.

Born in Brisbane in 1964, Daniel's passion for design emerged at an early age when he watched his aunt, who was a seamstress for a top Brisbane couturier, at work. This passion drove Daniel to study fashion design at both Seven Hills College of TAFE, and Mt Gravatt TAFE. In 1985, at the age of 20, Daniel established his own label and in that same year won the first of his 18 Retailersí Association of Queensland (RAQ) awards, the encouragement award. Seven years later, in 1992, Daniel was inducted into the RAQ Hall of Fame. In 1997 Daniel was recognized on an international scale when he was voted best Day Wear designer in the world, defeating 85 fashion designers for the honour, at the annual Miss World competition. Australiaís entrant in the contest wore the winning Daniel Lightfoot creation.

When starting out in the industry, Daniel exclusively designed up-market womenís wear; however, he diversified his company in 1987 to include corporate uniforms, and then again in 1991 to include up- market menís wear. As both managing director and design director of the Daniel Lightfoot Studio, it is Danielís task to oversee all aspects of the companyís operation as well as its future direction. As the sole designer he also responsible for the design of each item of clothing that leaves the studio.

Daniel has been training with Frank since August 2004 and they have become very good friends and developed a great trust

Daniel Lightfoot

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