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Frances Whiting

Courier Mail

She's been Brisbane's favorite columnist for over 5 years with her column in the Sunday Mail providing a light hearted look at the world.

Her fun approach to life shows through in her column, but you would be mistaken not to take her seriously. In addition to her column she is also an Associate Editor of the Sunday Mail, presenter on Brisbane Extra and an 'in demand' public speaker.

Most recently she's taken on the role of presenter on the popular, long running show, Brisbane Extra, which features local stories about local folks doing local stuff ... a perfect fit for one of Brisbane's favorite Friends.


Fitness First, then a ferret - Frances Whiting
Fitness first, then a ferret
- Frances Whiting

What does Frances really think of Frank?

Frank is more than a personal trainer, he is a genuinely caring person who really listens to his clients and tailor makes his sessions to suit their temperaments and personalities. In my case, I like to train with very loud music playing and make Frank dance with me, which to his credit he does, although I am a much better dancer than he is.

He knows when to push you further and when to back off, he knows when you’re bluffing and when you’re ready to go that little bit further, he knows how to get the very best out of you – and most importantly for me, to have fun while you’re doing it.

More about Frances..

Frances Whiting is one of Queensland’s best known and popular writers. Her weekly column in The Sunday Mail has been a favourite with readers for eight years, and every week hundreds of thousands of Queenslander’s look forward to sharing their Sundays with Frances.

Now syndicated in New South Wales and South Australia, Frances’s column has become a weekly part of reader’s lives – a Sunday “must read’’ from Brisbane to Bundaberg, Bondi and beyond.

Frances is also The Sunday Mail’s senior feature writer and in this role has contributed many hard-hitting stories to the paper highlighting contemporary social issues and profiling some of the world’s biggest names in every field of public life.

She is also The Sunday Mail’s Assistant Editor, actively involved in the weekly planning and editorial direction of the newspaper.

In 2003 , Frances’s first book Oh To Be A Marching Girl, a collection of some of her best and most loved columns was published and was a runaway success. Currently in its third reprint, Oh to Be a Marching Girl debuted at number one on the bestseller list and remained on that list for several weeks. Still a favourite with readers, it continues to sell as word of mouth about the book spreads not just throughout Australia, but internationally.

Frances’s second book, “That’s a Home Run, Tiger!’’ is due out through Pan Macmillan in August, and looks set to repeat Marching Girl’s success.

Before becoming a journalist Frances was a primary school teacher and continues to enjoy an active interest in education, speaking at schools throughout Queensland and mentoring young would-be writers.

Also actively involved in charity work, Frances is the official “Face’ of the Cressbrook Committee, a Brisbane based organization which provides accommodation for sick children and their families from country and regional Queensland.

She also regularly gives her time to organizations such as Kids Help Line to help spread the message about these much needed services.

Frances is married to John and has a baby son Max who she believes is the best looking baby in Australia.

When time allows, Frances says she “devours’’ books, loves to walk, swim in the ocean, and play guitar very badly.

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