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Choosing a Personal Trainer

With the fitness industry booming, a growing number of people are now turning to personal trainers to help them get fit and live a healthier lifestyle. It’s a big investment, so how do you know which PT is right for you? Here’s our top 10 tips for choosing the right personal trainer, before handing over your money and body.

Personal Trainers (PT’s) should be registered with a national or state fitness body and have relevant tertiary qualifications.  There are three levels of expertise: A Fitness Instructor is the basic level to be at least qualified, offering assistance, tips or aerobics on a gym floor.  A Fitness Trainer is a PT and trainer of specific populations ie, so ask for a registration card or some documentation to identify if they are suitably qualified.  A Fitness Specialist is the highest rank, advanced in all areas of rehabilitation, nutrition, physiology, sports conditioning and case management.  In addition, the fitness specialists should work with allied health professionals.

Go for a trainer with plenty of hands on experience. You don't want a rookie fresh out of five month course who can talk the talk, but not walk the walk. Get testimonials - see some evidence of their training success stories before signing up.

Choose someone similar to you, someone you can relate to and get on with. You don’t want a hard headed drill sergeant if that’s not you. You’ll be working too close together not to click, and if there’s a clash you won’t want to listen or enjoy getting fit.

Don't get sucked into forking out huge amounts of money. Yes, you will have to pay good money for the right trainer, but some charge as much as $200 plus per hour. You don't need to spend that much, so be selective and sort it out up front. You can get excellent trainers who get results for between $80 and $150 per hour.

Diet combined with training gets you in shape, so get a trainer that also offers dietary assistance and supplements.  A comprehensive program should offer diet advice as well as resistance, stretching and cardiovascular training, while incorporate elements of running, walking, circuits, boxing, cycling and weights.

Make sure your trainer screens you for any existing injuries or conditions, and offers a training program that suits appropriately. All PT's should be fully insured. There’s no point pushing someone to the point of a heart attack, only to discover later that they had a pre-existing medical condition. 

You ’re paying for results, so demand to see them. Don’t just rely on a change in clothes size. A professional trainer should regularly monitor your skin fold percentage, body fat and lean muscle mass. Feedback is proof all the sweat and effort is worth it.

A good trainer looks the part, is fit and living and breathing the message they are preaching. Trainers should be highly motivated, punctual, and             always accessible to you, either online or via mobile. I have clients call me when they aren’t sure about fat content in food while eating at a restaurant. It’s part of the service.

For maximum benefit I recommend training for at least one hour, three times per week. Many gyms offer half hour personal training sessions at a cheaper rate, so perhaps you might want to inquire about booking longer sessions in that case. A good ‘PT’ will create a program to suit your goals, work and family commitments, and available fitness equipment.

Fitness training makes you feel and look fantastic. It's being informed and having fun under professional guidance. Select the right trainer and I guarantee it will be money well spent.

If you would like to contact BCL about choosing a personal trainer, or any other aspect of health and fitness, then simply do not hesitate to email or call 0402 105 181 for an obligation FREE Consultation.

Choosing a Personal Trainer - Coffee Club Magazine
Choosing a Personal Trainer
- Coffee Club Magazine

By Frank Aiolo
Fitness Director
Body Corporate Lifestyle

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