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Dining Out & Eating Healthy - New Years Resolutions!

Now that we have managed to see out one year and welcome in a new one, many of us have made New Year’s resolutions – with similar repetitiveness. It seems that we all want to improve our health, exercise more and live happier stress free lives. 

200 Queenslanders were recently surveyed and more than 80 percent nominated improving their fitness as a priority for 2005 – including Premier Peter Beattie.

With this in mind, gyms around the country will see an increase in memberships in January, but is this necessarily the best solution for achieving our goal? 

Whilst gym membership cards or tags look great on our key rings how often do they really get used and who is there to motivate us to lift a heavier weight or go that little further on the treadmill?

An alternative, that is taking gyms head-on as a viable option for achieving better health and well-being, are personal trainers who work with you in your home, office or outdoors.

Whether you want to change your body to improve your health, your looks, your athletic performance or your sex appeal, Body Corporate Lifestyle offers clients a simple promise: they can help you transform your body so you can achieve your goals. This program won’t just improve your body it will also enhance your quality of life.

Pumping iron and pounding the pavement may seem the only answer to many men and women… they are not. Nutrition plays a critical role in how quickly our body absorbs foods and reduces fat.  Lifting heavy weights, sit-ups and push-ups will certainly help, but like most good things in life balance is the key. Balance in the foods we consume and exercise we undertake.

“Most diets are about what we cut out of our food intake,” says Frank Aiolo, “Our nutritional programs are about what we include. This philosophy is based on ‘energy balance’, that is how many kilojoules you are burning versus how many you are taking in. 

“People with the biggest energy imbalance are more likely to be fatter, whilst those with balanced energy levels are leaner. So if you eat just 3 meals per day, your energy levels fluctuate considerably. If you want to look slimmer, feel fitter and have more energy, then eat more often. The key is eating 6 small nutritionally balanced meals per day”, he said.

BCL are aware that getting the balance right is critical in order to truly maximise an individual’s full potential.  From our experience and feedback, a growing number of health conscious people are looking for restaurants that offer meals that fit with their busy lives and personal training programs. They want to order a meal with minimal fuss and be assured that they are getting maximum nutrition. They require the enjoyment and convenience of dining out combined with the healthy eating that normally can only be controlled at home.

To support their clients, the company has developed partnerships with 10 restaurants in Brisbane and the Gold Coast to identify and tag menu items with the BCL Heart Program symbol that fit within the nutritional programs devised.


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