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BCL Heart Program

BCL has devised a campaign that highlights and promotes healthy eating and encourages people to dine-out rather than dine-in all of the time. Using a 'heart' symbol against select dishes, restaurant patrons will be assured that their meal has been prepared and cooked as nutritionally as possible - that is also high in protein and lower in fat.

The heart symbol denotes menu items that are nutritionally suited with the Body Corporate Lifestyle nutritional programs.

A selection of restaurants, in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, will display a ‘heart symbol’ against those dishes that are lower in fat whilst providing maximum protein and energy.

“It is about giving our customers choice“, said Johnny Gambaro, owner of Gambaro’s restaurant.  “Whilst we always provide the freshest and best local produce available, we can now offer customers select dishes that have been prepared using little or no oil, together with other ingredients that are lower in fat, higher in protein and nutritional goodness”.

“Customers that are on the BCL fitness program, or those just wanting to eat the healthiest meals possible, can now be assured that they are getting what they ask for”, he said. 

Balance, sustainability and commitment are essential in achieving results.

Appointing an organisation such as Body Corporate Lifestyle, who have the professional qualifications, the drive to encourage clients to take that extra step and the resources to support constant review of body analysis will help ensure results.

Ultimately the individual wins in finally converting a resolution to an achievement.

Restaurant participating in the BCL heart program include:

Bravo restaurant, Fortitude Valley (Brunswick Street)

Chez Laila restaurant, South Bank (On the Boardwalk)

Eve’s On The River restaurant, Teneriffe

Gambaro’s restaurant, Paddington (Caxton Street)

Ginga, Japanese restaurant, South Bank (Little Stanley Street)

Gino’s restaurant, Ascot (Kingsford Smith Drive)

Lighthouse restaurant, Cleveland (Cleveland Point)

Linda’s Deli Bar, Dockside (Kangaroo Point)

Monsoon restaurant, Fortitude Valley (Brunswick Steet)

Shuck restaurant, Main Beach (Tedder Avenue)

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