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Protein powders        quantity
Lean Matrix Protein 500g Chocolate Truffle $41.80
Lean Matrix Protein 500g White Chocolate (Vanilla) $41.80
Lean Matrix Protein 1Kg Chocolate Truffle $79.80
Lean Matrix Protein 1Kg White Chocolate (Vanilla) $79.80
Fat Loss        
L-Carnitine 100g Original $119.99
Huan: The Dispersion 150g Lemon $73.90
Muscle Gain        
Kuan: The Creative 150g Lemon $74.99
Ni: The Nourishment 150g Lemon $80.90

men's sport wear      quantity

Polo Shirts





Competitive Edge Singlets


ladies sport wear      
Baby Doll with Training Support $49.95
for feet      
Sports socks one size $9.95
Sun safety      
Cap one size $29.95

accessories    quantity
BCL Heart Rate Monitor $94.95
BCL Sports Bag $54.95
BCL Drink Bottle $9.95
BCL Protein Shaker $9.95

nutrition plans      quantity
The BCL Calorie Diet 1200 calorie $89.95
The BCL Calorie Diet 1500 calorie $89.95
The BCL Calorie Diet 1800 calorie $89.95
Lean Matrix Protein Diet Customized $189.95
Gluten Free Diet Customized $189.95
Dairy Free Diet Customized $189.95
Vegetarian Diet Customized $189.95
Preservative Free Diet Customized $189.95
Muscle Mass Program Customized $189.95
Sports Specific Program Customized $189.95

Delivery & Refund Policies

• When we receive your order form, we confirm your purchases by sending an invoice confirmation order to your email address for authenticity and payment. 

• We aim to process your order and reply within 24 hours.  

• All prices are inclusive of GST and payment terms are based on payment in advance.  Our payment options can be made via electronic transfer (EFT), credit card or cheque. 


• We deliver within Australia by regular parcel charges unless an alternative method is requested. 

• The postage and handling costs will be quoted on the invoice, with your contact details, suburb name, post code and item details (including total price).

• Most products are normally shipped within 1 to 3 business days for orders placed before midday EST, based on payment in advance with credit card or EFT without complication. 

• Exceptions to this policy are for products currently unavailable where orders will be shipped upon receipt of stock.  Stock includes our protein powders, supplements, BCL sport clothing range and accessories. 

• We will not be responsible for any losses suffered by reason of any delays in processing any order.  Payment complications will slow the estimate time of arrival of products. 

• It is the customer’s responsibility to provide correct shipping address, billing address, customer information and billing information to ensure that we can provide an efficient response time.


• The Calorie Diet plans are pre designed and are automatically sent to your email account, based on payment in advance without complication. 

• All customised Nutrition Plans are individually tailored and require 5 working days to complete before sent to your email account, based on payment in advance without complication.

• An additional form may be sent to you if we require more information to help us customise your plan e.g. sports specific.

• No postage charge on electronic booklets.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Once again, thank you for shopping with Body Corporate Lifestyle!

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