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Personal Training ... Getting Started

Personal Training

We can offer a wide range of training programs including:

  • Aerobic Base
  • Speed Development
  • Plyometrics
  • Anaerobic Threshold Development
  • Aerobic Base Circuit Training


What is personal training?

Personal training is one-on-one instruction that incorporates exercise screening, goal-setting and health education.  Following a fitness consultation, a personal trainer designs a health and fitness program specifically to your needs.

Our personal trainers introduce you to exercises that target your specific goals and instruct you on proper training techniques and motivate you towards your full potential.

How can I stick with an exercise program?

The easier way to stay motivated and stick with an exercise program is with the help of a personal trainer/coach to monitor your progress. However, you can also follow any one of our cost effective and easy exercise programs at the tip of your fingers right now.  Here we give you a glimpse to our most popular program for you to get started.

How to get started

Always consult your general practitioner before commencing any exercise program, especially if you have been inactive and have not been recently participating in any exercise regime. 

Always warm up five minutes before starting to exercise with either a light jog, ride on the exercise bike, skipping or star jumps at a moderate pace.

You need at least 48 to 72 hours between training weights of the same body parts. Your muscles need time to repair themselves and grow. 

The soreness you may experience will occur two days after training the initial body parts known as 'delayed muscle soreness'.  This is quite normal.  It is important to rest and recover those body parts in order to train at your maximum potential again.

You should take one day each week to rest, which involves no exercise related activities.

If you currently are not involved in regular exercise then you need to concentrate on setting yourself into a nutrition plan to gain maximum results.

If you are already involved in regular exercise then it is in your best interest to mix up your work outs every month to maximise your gains in strength to build more muscle and fitness to burn more fat. 

So if your body is overdue for a new challenge then switch your current routine with a BCL exercise program.

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