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Exercise Guidelines

Step 1 – Safety first

Always seek a medical clearance from your general practitioner before commencing an exercise program.

Step 2 - Eat regular meals

It is important not to starve your body or to have large overfilling meals. By having the right breakfast, lunch and dinner you will soon ‘re-train’ your body.  Healthy snacks are also important in controlling weight because you not only keep your metabolism at the optimum level, but you also reduce the desire for large servings at mealtimes.

Step 3 - Introduce Exercise into your daily routine

Exercise increases your metabolism and thus speeds up weight loss. Even more importantly it strengthens your muscles and limbs.  The gains will depend on the amount and length of time you exercise for and you can use the following information as a guide.  Remember even a little regular exercise is better than none at all. 

Effective exercise does not have to occur in a gym.  It can be performed in your own home or even by changing the way you do things in your every day life.

Before You Start an Exercise Program

First of all, congratulations for taking the important first step which is making a commitment to undertake an exercise program.  It is important however that you set a plan and that you proceed with caution if you have a medical condition or if you have not exercised for some time.  You may need to consult your doctor. 

These questions may be asked of you to assist in tailoring a program to meet your needs:

• Are you on blood pressure medication?
• Have you or any member of your family ever had heart problems?
• Do you get dizzy with strenuous activity?
• Do you have any bone, joint or muscle problems or take medication to assist?
• Is there any substantial physical reason why you could not follow any set activity program?

Before You Start Exercise

Stretching and warming up is very important as part of your training and flexibility program.

• Get into the habit of having a set warm-up program.
• Always stretch right and left sides but be careful not to over stretch.
• Hold each stretch for about 20-25 seconds and do not bounce on any stretch.
• If you have any difficulties and in particular if you are feeling pain then you should seek advice so that your program can be adjusted.

Consider this: The time spent doing physical activity to improve your fitness and health amounts to less than 2% of your time each week.

Reproduced with permission from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, PO Box 457, Spring Hill, Qld 4004.

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