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Got no time to exercise?

Got no time?

Many people lead busy lives that simply do not allow them the time to attend gyms or engage in sporting activities.  Those people need to incorporate effective exercise into their daily living ... but most importantly, stop making excuses! Everyone is busy, its up to you to put yourself first so you can be the best you can be!

Step 1– Adapt exercise into home activity

Start by writing down exercise activities that can be done at home and include the number of repetitions on each exercise so that targets can be set.


  • Do your stretching first for at least 10 minutes, it makes everything else easier
  • Stop using your TV remote and get up to change channels
  • Do exercises that can be done while watching television and more specifically TV shows such as the news or your favourite program. (lunges, sit ups, push ups, step-ups, exercise bike)
  • Use the staircase if you have one or steps around the house as your own step class.
  • Turn everyday movements into stretches, such as reaching a high or low shelf. Suck your tummy in, hold your back straight and activate your muscles as you go about your day.
  • Vacuuming is a great way to warm up before a workout. Time yourself vacuuming the house & aim to beat your score. Work up to following it with some stretches ...

Step 2– Adapt exercise into daily activity

This is particularly useful if you can get into a habit of slightly altering your daily activities to allow some physical movement. Spending an extra 2 minutes walking to the shops or walking around the block for 5 minutes after lunch will mean you don't have to find half an hour every day to exercise specifically.


  • If you go shopping do not use the closest parking bay. Balance your grocery bags evenly and use them to do lifts on your way back to the car.
  • Do not use lifts but use staircases where possible. It can be fun to challenge yourself to run up flights of stairs in tall buildings.
  • At lunch time try and take a walk, even if its only 5 minutes around the block. Its 5 minutes less you have to find to workout.
  • When picking up the kids from school walk to the class or the school gate. Or while you are waiting for them use the gutter or nearby stairs to step up & down. Perhaps do this away from the view of your childs friends ...
  • Walk to post the mail, pickup the dry cleaning, get milk etc. Where possible, walk.
  • At your computer try kneeling on a cushion or ergonomic stool occasionally to activate different muscles. Regularly stop for inverted stretches to balance out repetitive strain.

Step 3– Set some time for fun activities

If an exercise program is going to last as much of of the program as possible needs to be fun!


  • Instead of watching the kids kick the football, get up & join them! Kids are not only great for making you feel young, they can make you forget you are even exercising & before you know if you're dripping with sweat!
  • Involve the family in all of your exercise – plan exercise into your leisure time. eg go on a nature walking track or botanic gardens.
  • Participate in fundraising walks so your efforts benefit someone else as well as yourself!
  • Use your friends– Take a friend on a walk in the park or go walking for some retail therapy.


Reproduced with permission from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, PO Box 457, Spring Hill, Qld 4004.

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